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Online Social Platforms are social media sites like face book, twitter, and instagram.  These are the  most popular of platforms but there are many more. They vary in the types and each has it’s own set of rules and way for members to interact. They are used for engaging with others on both a business and personal  level.  Some service restrict business activity while others are specifically designed for business activity. The steady consistency for both types of social platforms is in the supplying ability to socialize. It doesn’t matter if you just want to connect with people you already know or venture out and meet more people with the same interests as you. Socializing on social platforms has become a popular way to enjoy the net.  People are very attracted to connecting through online platforms dueto  fast and vast modern technology.

You are invited to connect with me on any of the medias shared on this page. Hopefully I will be introducing some new and interesting platforms as well as giving you the basics of how to get set up.

Taking Care on InstagramTaking Care on You TubeTaking Care on Linked In

Powered by APSense Business Network

APSense is a great business orientated platform. You don’t have to be in business to learn and enjoy the activity here.There are many ways to interact with people on this platform. I have gotten lost in here on occasion. They recently added a new page for brands and branding your business. It is nice! It allows you to share your social media accounts all in one place. This is mine  You will find ‘Taking Care’ on each of the social media sites listed there. Feel free to join me on any.

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