Taking Care of Business

Taking care of business is dedicated to the types of business models that give their customers opportunities to earn and grow with them. The people helping people way to do and be in business is by far the most humanitarian reasoning in why taking care of business is important.

The change we want to see in the world begins with us individually and collectively. People make the difference when they embrace changing the way that things have been done and shift to what works.


Pyramid Schemes or Business Models


Did you know Amway is one of the oldest network marketing companies still in business today. They were founded in November 9, 1959 and they are a 9.5 billion dollar company today.
Check out the long list of Direct Sales/Netwoek Marketing Businesses here Direct Selling Association.

A business model that allows people to become customers is common and well accepted. It only makes sense right? A business model that does the same but also takes  relating to it’s customers a step further with income is at least interesting.  I personally feel very good about companies that want to give back to their paying customers by paying them for bring in more business.

Just imagine if your neighborhood grocery store paid you for everyone you sent to them to shop.

I’d love it!

In a sense getting paid even if your a customer is what is happening. The employees who work and shop at the store, also gets paid. It  is a simple concept that is easy to relate to. Employees trade hours for dollars. Network marketers  do the same  but with much more flexibility with an added plus of the more business you bring in, the more income you make.

We can respectfully honor both business models. I think a lot of the time people shy away from just being customers to network marketers because they think they’re expected to engage in the business building aspect of it. This is not true.  You can simply enjoy just being a customer in as much as a non employee of a store would. Keep that in mind next time a direct sales person comes your way. You may find yourself feeling great about supporting the kind of business model that is changing  millions of  people’s lives for the better.

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